Why Choose Sawdaddy Deer Gutting Tools?

Why Choose Sawdaddy? Field Dressing a Deer and other Big Game using the Sawdaddy tool

Sawdaddy was designed to be the only tool you need for field dressing deer and other big game. The Sawdaddy is a combination tool that allows you to perform many different tasks with ease. Sawdaddy is made of quality stainless steel and uniquely manufactured to hold up to the needs of a successful hunter.

Sawdaddy is the first and only field dressing tool used to field dress big game that uses two saw blades in unison. The large cut by the double blade combined with the protection of the bladder paddle makes removing the bladder and colon easy and clean. The bladder paddle also helps keep the bladder and colon from puncturing to keep your meat as clean as possible.

Check out the many different uses for your Sawdaddy tool:

Saw Pack Includes Two Combination Wood/Bone saw blades which can be used for:

  • Sawing the legs off your animal
  • Sawing through the rib cage to open up the chest cavity
  • Sawing through the neck bone
  • Sawing tree branches

Double blade saw is perfect for:

  • Sawing through the pelvic bone to create a large opening to pull the bladder and colon through and drain the remaining fluids from the body cavity of your big game animal.

Skinning Knife with Gut Hook

  • Cutting around the testicles.
  • Making a cut to insert the gut hook
  • Cutting connected tissue inside the body cavity
  • Opening up the body cavity to remove the guts, stomach, heart, and lungs.
  • Cutting the esophagus
  • Skinning your big game animal, and anything else you would use a knife for!

Bladder Paddle

  • After you have removed the guts, lungs and stomach, slide the bladder paddle behind the pelvic bone to protect the bladder and colon from being cut by the double blade saw.

Sawdaddy is the only game cleaning tool you will ever need for field dressing deer and other big game. Order your Sawdaddy today and get your trophy back to camp quicker and cleaner than you ever have in the past. Happy Hunting!!!